Will Usage in English Grammar

Some people have been taught that ‘will’ is ‘the future’ in English. This is not correct. Sometimes when we talk about the future we cannot use ‘will’. Sometimes when we use ‘will’ we are not talking about the future. We can use ‘will’ to talk about future events we believe to be certain. The sun … Read more

English Grammar Tenses-Will be doing

We can use ‘will be doing’ to talk about something that will be in progress at a particular moment in the future. This time next week, I’ll be sitting on the beach in Barbados. I’ll be thinking about you all back in the office – and I’ll be laughing. We’ll be enjoying ourselves too, boss. … Read more

English Grammar Lessons – Will or Going to

When we want to talk about future facts or things we believe to be true about the future, we use ‘will’. The President will serve for four years. The boss won’t be very happy. I’m sure you’ll like her. I’m certain he’ll do a good job. If we are not so certain about the future, … Read more