Present Simple usage in English Grammar

Form I like I don’t like. Do I like you like you don’t like Do you like he/she/it likes she doesn’t like Does it like we like we don’t like Do we like they like they don’t like Do they like Video The Present Simple in use – example sentences We use the present simple … Read more

Present Continuous usage in English Grammar

Form</span></cloudflare-app></h2> I am eating I’m not eating Am I eating? You are eating You’re not/aren’t eating Are you eating? She is eating It isn’t/is not eating. Is he eating? We are eating We’re not/aren’t eating Are we eating? They are eating They’re not/aren’t eating Are they eating? The Present Progressive The present continuous is used … Read more

Present Simple or Present Continuous usage in English Grammar

Form of Present Simple or Present Continuous</span></cloudflare-app></h2> I like I am writing You like You are writing She likes She is writing We like We are writing They like They are writing I don’t like I’m not writing You don’t like You’re not/aren’t writing He doesn’t like He’s not/isn’t writing We don’t like We’re not/aren’t … Read more

Past Continuous usage in English Grammar

Form I was talking I wasn’t talking Was I talking? You were talking You weren’t talking Were you talking? She was talking He wasn’t talking Was she talking? We were talking We weren’t talking Were we talking? They were talking They weren’t talking Were they talking? The Past Progressive We use the past continuous to … Read more

Past Simple or Past Continuous usage in English Grammar

Form I was sitting I sat You were sitting You sat She was sitting She sat We were sitting We sat They were sitting They sat I wasn’t sitting I didn’t sit You weren’t sitting You didn’t sit He wasn’t sitting He didn’t sit We weren’t sitting We didn’t sit They weren’t sitting They didn’t … Read more

Irregular verbs usage in English Grammar

Regular verbs All new verbs in English are regular. I photocopied the report. She faxed it to me. They emailed everybody about it. I googled my name and got more than 20 000 responses. Irregular verbs There are approximately 180 irregular verbs. You don’t need to learn all of them because some of these are … Read more