Business English Phrases 32- perfect more MAKE expressions

Here are some more MAKE expressions. Mathematics Five plus three makes eight. Manage to do or reach Can you make the meeting at seven? To have the right qualities She’ll make an excellent chief executive. To pretend The secretary tried to make me believe that he wasn’t in his office. To get by/manage We don’t … Read more

Business English Phrases 22- perfect MAKE Expressions

Here are some MAKE expressions To cause something They made a mess. What made you change your mind? That shirt makes you look fat. To cause to be Difficult to make myself heard above the noise of the machines I introduced myself, made myself known. I’ll have the steak, no make that the burger. Make … Read more

Business English phrases 32 – perfect GET expressions

Here are some GET expressions Get to It got to Wednesday before we realised he was missing. Not getting anywhere Let’s stop for today. We’re not getting anywhere. Getting somewhere After a lot of work, we are finally getting somewhere with this. Getting to be It’s getting to be a bit of a problem. Getting … Read more