Emphasising Expressions

Here is some more language to help you make your presentation more persuasive and make your points stronger : openly admit I openly admit that I have made mistakes.If they openly admit that they were at fault, they may get the public back on their side. totally agree I totally agree with what Susan said.I… Continue reading Emphasising Expressions

Human Resources – video

TRANSCRIPT Welcome to part 8 of our business planning series – Human resources. The management and personnel area of your plan will review staff functions, job descriptions, policies, workforce planning and training. Recruiting the right staff can be an expensive exercise and one you can’t afford to get wrong. Finding the right staff requires you… Continue reading Human Resources – video

Business English Vocabulary Working Hours 2

Working hours 2 Learn more of the vocabulary to talk about working hours in English: part-time = to work a part of the day or week When I was a student, I had a part-time job in a bar. We are looking for a part-time receptionist to work mornings. to be punctual = to start or arrive at… Continue reading Business English Vocabulary Working Hours 2

Business English Presentations Cause and effect

When you are giving a presentation, your job is to not only present the facts but also to give the reasons (why), the purpose (objectives) and the results. In a presentation, the language used is often very simple, much simpler than if we were writing. For example: Reason: We sold the land because we needed to release… Continue reading Business English Presentations Cause and effect

Business English Presentations Focusing attention

When we really want to focus the attention of our audience on an important point, we can use this “What ……. is ….” Look at these examples: We must cut costs. What we must do is cut costs. We need more reliable suppliers. What we need is more reliable suppliers. Loading Focussing attention

Business English Presentations Rhetorical questions

Presentations are more interesting if you use a conversational style. They are more lively and you establish a rapport between you and your audience. You can do this by using a question and answer technique – you ask a question and then answer it. Your questions create anticipation and guide your audience to your point… Continue reading Business English Presentations Rhetorical questions